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1 year later

2016-08-01 18:59:29 by justageek

Last time i posted here was in 2015... a lot of things happened like: i started college, learned how to use photoshop and etc.

I decided to make a new icon -- but still using my creepy little guy

hope u guys like it :D3982756_147009228411_EEEKK.pngin my last post you can see the other versions ... the first one i made on PAINT, the second in PAINT NET and this last one in photoshop cs6...a little bit of evolution LOL

new icon

2015-05-04 23:26:29 by justageek

hey :)

I decided to "improve" my dolphin-unicorn-magical icon. I don't know why, but i really like this little *~MaGicaL*~ creature i made. This is the result:


(before & after)

I'm happy with it and i'm working on something with this little dude 

What you guys think?

Bamboo Tablet!

2014-07-11 19:31:02 by justageek

Hey guys wazap

I got a bamboo tablet for me! Finally i will be able to do some art lol... i mean i'm not that good ( a scanner would be better) but it's a start right?

Do any of you guys have some tips for me? Any program to help begginers in digital art? 

xoxo Mary


2013-09-03 15:49:14 by justageek

Wazaaap guys

long time since i posted something aroud here!

I know it souds like crazy, but i really recomend you guys 'papa's cupcakeria' its a really nice game and i'm alredy at rank 23 ( uptaded 03/09/2013)

about my "Zed" project... i tried a lot and i kinda gave up... maybe someday i will try again but now high school its not letting me doing it


Zed project [2]

2012-05-02 19:04:03 by justageek

i TRIED TO MAKE my characters...its not perfect but its something ;)
please coment and say if you liked ;)

Zed project [2]


2012-04-30 12:54:43 by justageek

so i'm trying to make "Zed" ... i have the ideas ... i have the characters... so ... I HAVE ALL THE THINGS!
but this time i'm not going to make a game ( maybe later ) ... so i'm thinking in make a movie ( HEYHEY)! BUT i dont know what program use to make beauty cartoons and animation
here I is my draw ... in paper! i wanna pass this to the computer withouth be retarded can someone help me?

( in order: little ball of evil,zed dad,zed,shangela( dracuna ) and zed's mom ) < DONT COPY THE NAMES THEY ARE ORIGINALS


all the stuff

2012-01-26 08:24:52 by justageek

how do you know i wanna make a game ... maibe a movie even a art to the portal art ;)


all the stuff


2012-01-24 20:05:41 by justageek

just some ideas for the logo of my game


yep i'm trying

2012-01-24 19:11:55 by justageek

i think i'm gonna make a game with my carachters and things
i mean i have a lot of ideas on my mind ... and one of the ideas its SOPA
make a game with this theme and its gonna be awsome ;)

Ps.: thanks majormelthesackboy because you gaved me the link of the wiki

yep i'm trying

new game?

2012-01-22 11:32:36 by justageek

i think i will make a game , i have a story , but i dont know how make a game ... i mean , using the HTML i'm horrible ... below its a picture of one carachter .. just a idea

new game?